We are a Nicaraguan company composed of a group of young people, dynamic and passionate about the manufacture of products made especially for each client.

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, generation of local jobs, care for the environment, corporate social responsibility and benefits for our employees, suppliers and shareholders.

We enjoy each order to be able to deliver to our customers the product with the best possible quality, with colors, shape, size and design selected, which ensure to meet the expectation of our customers.

With more than 18 years of experience our team has worked carefully in the selection of materials, formulation processes and products and manufacture of equipment and tools, to obtain unique products that contain the emotion and desires of our customers when selecting the colors, shapes and finishes of their products.

We place in each manufactured piece a smile and the desire to deliver a product of the best quality, to the exact taste of the customer and with a competitive price.

For the manufacture of the mosaic we have a group of artisans with a lot of experience and art in their hands that allows us to manufacture first the molds and then elaborate each piece with unique designs, bright colors and with the feeling that only handmade products can transmit.

Our terrazzo floors and exterior floors are inspired in natural stones and manufactured with the highest technology machinery, which allows us to deliver first quality products, resistant and also with the possibility of being customized for each project.

Manufactured to the taste of each of our customers Concretops are also made by experienced craftsmen who ensure that we can deliver a product to measure, with beauty, strength and unique personality.

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